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Yes, I Vape was created in October of 2019 by a small town girl who has a passion for helping others. She spends most of her days helping people quit smoking cigarettes by switching to a vape. When she isn't working, she is at school studying Natural Sciences, with a concentration in Chemistry, snuggling with her four cats, or fighting for her rights to vape. 

Yes, I Vape has one mission in mind: to inform everyone about vaping. This encompasses a lot of different paths though. From a "Beginner's Guide" to "Terminology" to "Fight for your Rights to Vape," there is a lot of information to discuss, write about, research and more. 

I hope that you find this website to be quite informational. Check out our blogs, testimonies, and ways to contact for more information!

~Yes, I Vape. 


Yes, I Vape. 


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