Dear United States Government...

...we are irate. The citizens of the United States of America are so frustrated.

There's a lot of reasons for us to be angry. From the issues in Iran, to President Donald Trump's tweets, we are noticing that there is no empathy for the citizens.

Right now, 13,000,000 or more citizens in the United States are furious about the situations happening with vaping rights.

We understand that the Master Settlement Agreement pays states millions of dollars, and in that, cannot ban cigarettes. We understand that the CDC took their time in identifying Vitamin E Acetate in illegal THC cartridges that caused a major panic to the United States and giving legal, flavored nicotine e-liquids a bad name. We understand that organizations like Truth Initiative and Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids show a bunch of adolescents vaping and promoting indirectly instead of focusing on teen usage of nicotine and cannabis vaping. We understand that the FDA wants control of electronic cigarettes by requiring the pre-market tobacco authorization to happen. We understand that the United States government and its agencies do not want to see minors addicted to nicotine. We understand that minors do not care for the flavors, but for the nicotine itself. We understand that you are attempting to be fair to adult users, but you are not successful in doing such.

What we don't understand is the outcry for change. There have been zero deaths linked to flavored nicotine e-liquid. There have been 57 deaths and 2,602 hospitalizations due to Vitamin E Acetate in illegal THC cartridges, none which are contributed to vaping flavored nicotine e-liquid. Every year, there are 480,000 people who die due to combustible cigarettes. There are 150,000 or more vape shops in the United States owned by your citizens. There are over 300,000 employees in these vape shops. Don't forget to include the warehouses for distribution, the e-liquid manufacturers and the warranty centers located in the United States who contribute to allowing vapor products to be sold legally.

I reached out to the public on Twitter who has had their lives changed from vaping legal flavored nicotine e-liquid products. I asked them to express their views on their frustration with the United States government and its agencies, as well as their state and local laws. The answers may be paraphrased here for clarity and names will be erased for privacy reasons. Some people requested for their name to be on here, and they have remained after explicit permission. There is no shortage of responses. Each and every one will be listed here for you to read.

I'll start with mine.

I started smoking cigarettes at 13 years old. By the age of 17, I was a two pack a day smoker of Marlboro Menthol 100s. My family and friends were legitimately concerned about my cigarette addiction, that they would purchase smoking cessation products for me. The patches gave me a rash due to the adhesive. The gums gave me blisters in the mouth. The pills made me lethargic and depressed. At 18 years old, I realized that I needed to quit smoking so much. A friend of mine told me about vaping and I tried it.

I went to a local vape shop and purchased my first box mod and tank. It was a Sigelei 100 watt box with an Innokin clearomizer tank. After that, I went to this shops grand opening and won their grand prize. I received a Rig mechanical mod, Patriot RDA (rebuildable atomizer), batteries, battery charger and e-liquid.

When I received this set up, I officially quit smoking cigarettes. I couldn't believe it. I started at a 24mg (2.4%) cherry flavored e-liquid. When I received the Rig mechanical mod, I dropped to a 6mg (0.6%) fruit loops cereal flavor.

A year later, I found myself working in a vape shop. I've learned so much in the past 4 years I've worked in the store. I've helped 3,900+ individuals transition from tobacco to vaping. I've connected with these individuals. I've had the opportunity to listen to their lives change.

For example, one customer came in with his girlfriend at the time, purchased their e-liquid and went to the car. The guy came back in frantically, I honestly thought that there was an emergency with how quickly he ran in. He said "COME HERE." I go to him, and he shows me an engagement ring. He was on his way to a local music venue and was going to propose to his girlfriend. They've been married for two years now, and I was able to share that moment.

I've seen so many marriages, animals be adopted, babies be born and general happiness overall. It's incredible to share these intimate moments with my customers. Taking away flavors or requiring PMTA would cause these beautiful moments to cease in my life.

3,900+ people I've helped. That's a lot of people. There are roughly 150,000 vape shops in the United States. If that's the case, that is 585,000,000 people that have been helped. It's incredible.

I'm incredibly furious that the Center of Disease Control (CDC) has taken so long to identify the Vitamin E Acetate in illegal THC cartridges. I'm incredibly furious that the CDC continues to discuss "e-cigarette or, vaping products" in their messages to the public, despite the agency identifying Vitamin E Acetate in illegal THC cartridges as the issue.

I'm incredibly furious that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues to attempt to ban flavored nicotine e-liquid. I'm incredibly furious that the FDA has the ability to control e-cigarettes, because there is no form of tobacco in these products. A tobacco product means any product made or derived from tobacco that is intended for human consumption, including any component, part, or accessory of a tobacco product (except for raw materials other than tobacco used in manufacturing a component, part, or accessory of a tobacco product). E-liquid is not derived from tobacco. Nicotine can be derived from tobacco, yes, but a lot of the nicotine is man-made for e-liquid.

I'm incredibly furious that President Donald Trump signed the 21 rule into effect. At 17 years old, I was approached by a U.S Army recruiter asking me to enlist in the army. You can die for your country, but how dare these people, willing to risk their lives for the freedoms we have, smoke a cigarette or vape nicotine e-liquid. I'm incredibly furious that at 16 years old, you can drive a 2 ton piece of equipment (a vehicle) and kill people, but you cannot have flavored nicotine e-liquid. I'm incredibly furious that at 18 years old, you are able to vote, yet these politicians are limiting their choices. At 15-17 years old (depending on the minimum age to work in each state) you begin paying taxes, but you cannot have flavored nicotine e-liquid or vote on what happens in your local, state and federal government.

I'm incredibly furious with Governor Wolf. Although he hasn't weighed in much on the new vaping "epidemic," he did put a 40% wholesale tax on vapor products in 2016. Roughly 150 shops closed in Pennsylvania. That means that 150 people lost their businesses. Assuming each shop had 5 employees, that means 750 people lost their job. It's insanely depressing to think that I could've lost my job because of a tax that small businesses couldn't afford.

Despite the anger, I'm thankful for the government making these ludicrous regulations and laws. Without them, this blog wouldn't exist. This community wouldn't exist. This outrage wouldn't exist. My Twitter page wouldn't exist. My discussions wouldn't exist.

I will continue to fight for my ability to vape. I've been able to successfully stay away from cigarettes for years now and that will not change, flavor ban or not. That goes for the minimum 13,000,000 people in the United States who will absolutely turn to a black market to get their flavored nicotine e-liquid.

Dear U.S. Government, you will not win.


I am a 36 year old mother and vaper. I started vaping Mother's Day last year (2019). I am a mother of three kids. My children are the reason why I started vaping. I picked up a vape and never looked back. I started with Kilo 50 mg strawberry milk. There has been some trial and error on my behalf. I tried too soon to move down. I got into a comfortable 25 mg 3 times a day and vape 3 mg for my all day vape. I do not vape any tobacco flavors, they make me want to go back to smoking. The PMTAs are going to kill the vape industry. We are not big tobacco, we are trying to eliminate all forms of smoking. I am upset that the CDC helped the smear campaign against vaping us. Vapers knew exactly what was causing the deaths, we alerted them months ago and they did not care to listen. The deaths could have been prevented if they would have listened to us. I find it extremely  suspicious that they did not care to list  what was causing these deaths. These flavor bans will put people's lives in jeopardy. They will end up doing the black market people people will die and I feel and I know this is going to sound crazy but the CDC the FDA that might have direct ties to Big Tobacco and that's the reason why they don't care to help us. I have experienced a new bond; friendships that will never die. We fight for one common goal: to make sure that nobody ever gets on tobacco in the future, we stand for a smoke-free future. The FDA will approve of a pill that helps you stop smoking but it will cause suicidal actions and suicidal thoughts along with extreme agitation. A mother hit her child because of this pill. People have killed themselves over this pill, yet they refused to approve vaping as a smoking secession tool. The only reason this stuff started happening is because tobacco sales have decreased because the vaping industry has been working our asses off to save all these people and to save the future generation so that we could be a smoke-free future. We will not stop fighting, we will vote out anybody who stands in the future of non-smoking.  We are not even marketing towards kids either. If I remember correctly I used to see cartoons airing on TV that had cartoon animals smoking cigarettes. That is marketing towards kids not us. The problem with the media is not actually showing that it's less than 6% of teens are vaping on a daily basis. All they're doing is just trying it. These teens have ruined a very viable way of quitting smoking and I honestly feel horrible that all these businesses are going out of business because of all these bans. There's a lot of information that we all have. The vapers have all this information that the news refuses to share. We have been fighting this battle for far too long. The thing is that we are trying to save people and it just breaks my heart. There are good parents who are vaping for their kids trying to live and trying to survive. I understand that vaping may not be the best but it is 98% more safe and all these teens are doing is breaking the law. Us real vapers do not support Juul and do not support teenagers buying this product. We are absolutely pissed off at all the teenagers that have done this. All of these deaths are happening because the tainted THC cartridges that were cut with  Vitamin E Acetate. There's a whole other side of the story but the news refuses to just share it. Vaping has saved my life for me and my kids. There should be punishments for these kids that are breaking the law instead of punishing us the Adults. Adults like flavors too.

Back in 2011 I was diagnosed with a blood clot. My hematologist explained why it was so necessary for me to quit smoking. So I tried all the options available at the time for harm reduction with no success. Defeated, I continued to smoke. After I moved to SC I was introduced to vaping in 2012. After my first 3 days I noticed a huge change in my breathing, I could also smell things I could not before. I knew this was making huge improvements in my life on such a small scale there had to be something to this vaping thing. Flash forward to 2020 I have worked for EcigCharleston for 7 years, helping people that needed to quit smoking do just that. I can say that from my experience flavors are a huge part of continued success. Once your sense of smell/taste return you realize that not only are tobacco flavored vapes not so great but you do not want any lingering reminder of that nasty cigarette taste. I began using twitter when my world was rocked 9/11/19 when I heard our President say vaping was bad and they would work to get rid of it. HOW? WHAT? WHY? I had to get onto a social platform to help me not only connect with other vapers but to have my voice heard. I will continue to fight for the right to vape until we are victorious. Vaping saved me, I owe vaping at least that.

I'm mad about the bans because honestly people should hold parents and teens accountable. They are held accountable when it comes to alcohol and other drugs. Even cigarettes, the real killer! I have no kids I'm just a vaper living her life enjoying her hobby, and not hurting anyone. Why should I and other adults (including responsible parents) be blamed or suffer through these ridiculous bans?

The politicians are obviously looking for easy votes. We've reached out to them and sent them information. Some of us have sent them piles of research but they don't listen. At this point they don't just not know, they obviously don't care. Or if they do, it's about their tobacco money and votes. They want to be on the side that "protects children". I no longer feel at home with any political party. If they want to take away my right to vape I don't think they care for any of my rights at all. Honestly, when it comes to politics, this is my last straw. I don't feel represented at all.

I'm mad at the parent groups. These aren't toddlers wandering around asking for JUUL products because they think it's candy. No, these are older teens who know what they're doing is illegal. They're seeking out these products for a reason. It's either curiosity or dealing with teenage challenges. On top of that they so many of them now suffer from bullying, suicidal thoughts, and fear of getting shot down at school. I started smoking to deal with stress, these people don't think they need an escape too? But let's ignore these problems and ban vaping, sure. And honestly of all things that a kid could be using like alcohol (binge drinking) and meth or heroin from the streets, I don't think nicotine vaping is the big issue. These people need to hold their teens accountable and actually talk to them. Stop feeding them lies because they can see through it and it fuels their curiosity.

I'm mad at the FDA and CDC because they knew the real cause of the lung deaths but they didn't come out and say it, leaving millions in the dark. Some thinking that THC black market oil vapes were ok, but don't touch the evil Juul. Others going back to the cancer sticks that are killing them and their loved ones.

Yes this is a hobby but it keeps me from unhealthy habits like binging on food, alcohol, from smoking, from other self harm. Vaping as a hobby keeps me busy and helps me look forward to something like a new mod, a new coil, or a new flavor. I got into vaping early in my smoking "career" and I'm going on over 3 years I want to say.  This is saving me from what my family members have to face with smoking related disease like heart attacks, heart blockages, high blood pressure, and even obesity related diabetes. I truly believe vaping is a big reason one of my family members is still here today, even as he's had several stents put in. But that's what a lifetime of smoking will get you. Every time this person chooses to vape over smoke, I'm happy because that means I'll have him around longer.

I started to Tweet because I saw how bad it was getting for vaping. I didn't before because I don't care for social media, and am afraid of putting myself out there. On top of that I'm new to vaping and the cause. Now I saw what they want to do to my new lifesaving hobby and I'm fuming. On Twitter though, the vape family is the nicest most down to earth bunch and I felt welcomed when I was really scared. Though stressful to hear the news, it's so hard to turn away when I have all these people on my side.

I'm just like my fellow 13 million vapers. I needed to quit smoking and the other cessation means just didn't appeal to me. I quit smoking with vaping after a 22 year, 2 pack a day habit. It was killing me and I knew I had to do something. I think the hand to mouth action with vaping helped me a lot. I am pissed because we have been blamed for the deaths that we had nothing to do with. I am pissed because the government's only concern is money. I'm pissed that these idiots are taking our rights away as adults! I'm pissed most of them don't even understand vaping, yet they are able to pass these laws based on their clueless opinions. I'm pissed the PMTA even exists! I'm pissed that we are paying for the damn #MSABloodMoney because these states have misused their funds. I'm pissed because I think this is the STUPIDEST shit I have ever heard of!!! I am pissed because I am going to have to go to the black market. I am pissed because others won't have the opportunity to safely quit smoking. I'M JUST FUCKING PISSED...

Why I am mad at the FDA/CDC; because they should be pro vaping, given the evidence. There is clear scientific evidence that ecigs are good for public health, and for the reduction of heart disease / lung cancer. The UK has embraced harm reduction on smoking to the furthest extent possible, advertisement of the benefits are done by the government, NHS and PHE. Vape shops are open in hospitals, doctors recommend switching to vaping, it's a different world.

When I started vaping it was sometime in late 2008, I don't recall the details exactly. I guess I must have started with a 410 atomizer on an intellicig cigalike battery. I remember having to carry 6-8 spare batteries to get through an evening. 

I believe I created the worlds first variable voltage regulated mod, from a battery box and using a 510 cartomizer tank (the sort where you had to punch a hole in the carto), and voltage regulator chip. It didn't catch on until suddenly the market for regulated mods exploded.  

I eventually went on to work in the vape industry. I used to test ecigs against the british standards, as a self employed electrical and electronic engineer.

Since starting vaping I have gone from needing to use 2 inhalers multiple times a day, to using no inhalers on a regular basis. I have suffered from colds and flu less severely and frequently since taking up vaping. 

Other things of note: My flat doesn't stink of smoke anymore, nor does my car. My sense of taste has fully returned, after about 1 year, and now I can appreciate food to the full. 


I'm a 29 year old dude with Asperger's syndrome which is a higher functioning form of autism. I started chewing tobacco/dipping at the age of 14 and picked up a cigarette at the age of 16 but didn't officially start smoking until the age of 17. I was a 1-2 pack a day smoker 2-2 1/2 packs if I was in a social setting. In 2008 my grandma was put in the ICU for 7 days due to smoking related complications. We didn't think she was going to make it but luckily she did but not without long term issues. It was at that point where I had to quit so I tried everything from the gum all the way to ditching my friends who smoked. Nothing worked so I quit on quitting. Fast forward to Feb 10 2009 I went to a local mall and spent about a good hour in there. As I was on my way out I spotted a guy who was running a kiosk just outside of the food court. It peaked my interest when I saw these things that looked like cigarettes at the time were called "ciga-likes". I had a long chat with the guy, long story short he and I shared our attempts to quit. He ran through the device with me even showing be how hack it and pop the cap off the back of the cartridge and refill it. I finished that pack of cigarettes and that's where it all started.


I heard it was the best way to get in contact with government officials and get your point across plus the vape family is at its best on that platform.


We here in Virginia really don't have any specific laws other than no selling to persons under 21 which was implemented on 7/1/19 so the national T21 wasn't anything new for us. We also don't have any specific taxes on vaping but the state tax is 5.75%, we implement a 6% tax at the shops I work at. The punishment for minor in possession tobacco products as of 2005 first offense is $100 fine OR 20 hours of community service. Second offense is $250 OR 40 hours of community service. 


Well I'm mad for the same reason(s) all vapers are mad plus a couple extra reasons.

1) The government is trying to take a 95% safer alternative to smoking away because its cutting into their pocket change. 

2) They are trying to ban something they have no clue about.

3) The organizations that are supposed to help/care for the health of the public are being bought and sold to the highest bidder thus causing them to no longer care about public health only the dollar.

4)  With them being bought and sold they are constantly pushing the agenda of those who bought them.

5) Politicians are also being bought and sold.

6) They are still not listening to the Royal College of Physicians just like they didn't listen to them in the 60s when we were warned about the long term effects of smoking.

7) These organizations are 100% abusing their power.

8) America is on its way to become a nation run by dictators.

And finally we come to 9) the government is not only threatening my job but 100+k more and our government is supposed to be the ones protecting jobs not taking them!


VA vapers aren't really sure of his true stance on vaping! What we do know is that he prides himself on the very low unemployment rate here in VA. Every time he holds a conference he almost always talks about the low unemployment rates. He is a veteran of the Army with final ranking being major in the Army medical corps. He is a doctor having served at Brooke Army medical center (TX), Walter Reed A.M.C (DC),and John Hopkins (MD). My hopes are with him being a doctor is that he sees vaping for what it really is, a tool that helps people quit smoking and lead healthier lives. BUT I am a tad bit concerned because he is trying to implement a Bloomberg backed gun ban. Although I email him about 3 times a week reminding him how much revenue vaping brings to the state and not to take a cookie from Bloomberg because that cookie has strings attached. Here is the wiki link if you wanna know more about our governor.


Vaping saves lives young and old. The government has no idea what they have with vaping. The government really doesn't care about your health or well being neither does its "public health organizations". The FDA will over regulate a billion dollar industry into the ground. Vaping IS the MOST SUCCESSFUL quit smoking tool. The USA WILL regret doing all this in the future. Our government would rather people die from once 100% legal vaping products soon to be on the black market than to keep it 100% legal in adult only vape shops. And the biggest conclusion WE VAPE AND WE VOTE!

I’m a 58 year old and quit smoking 8 years! I smoked a pack  a day for 27 years!  I tried every cessation product on the market!  I also attended sessions on tobacco addiction funded by the Pictou County Health Authority, Nova Scotia, to help smokers quit! It was an 8 week program!  A week after the program I still wanted a cigarette and I went back smoking once again! I was desperate as I still couldn’t quit!  I heard about a thing called an e-cigarette and how it helped a patient of the doctor I work for, yes I work for a physician!  By many attempts to walk into a vape shop I finally got the nerve!!  I walk into my vape shop where the staff were amazing and explained everything about an e-cigarette and how to use one from filling the tan with juice ( tobacco flavour), the battery and to charging it!  I felt excited but still hesitant!  I started trying but I would still smoke.  So I would vape and then I would smoke!  I got to where I started to try different flavours and I didn’t like the fruit flavours  so I started trying the baking flavours and I loved them!The day finally came about 6 months later when I said that’s it, I’m done with the cigarettes. I felt sick when I would light up a cigarette! September 2001 was my last cigarette I had!  I have vaped since, and I never felt so  proud and I still do!  I had started at 18 mg and I am now down to 3mg!  I have kids too, only my kids are 32 and 30!  To me they are MY babies!  My 32 year old has struggled with smoking since he was 16, I worry about him each and every day! His persistent cough scares me terribly!  He too had tried everything and I bought him a vape 4 years ago and like me he vapes then smokes. This New Years 2020 he put down his last cigarette and has been vaping only, he messaged me the other day being so proud of his accomplishment, 14 days without a cigarette! This is the longest time ever for him with out a cigarette! With all this terrible media and public health talk of banning will only send my baby (33 years old) back to smoking!  He will become very ill  if he already isn’t due to the addiction of  tobacco!  And it breaks my heart!

I began smoking at 15 years old and kept that habit until I was 30 years old.  My pulmonologist told me I was showing signs of the beginning stages of COPD.  I was desperate to find an alternative.  I found an EGO pen at my tobacco store and tried it out.  Within two weeks I was buying a Cloud Chasing RDA, a mech mod, wire, cotton, you know all the Accessories.  That was almost 11 years ago and I'm still not smoking!!!!  I LOVE Vaping as a hobby but I adore it as a harm reduction tool.  It was the only way I truly quit my 15 year habit.  

Now, as for politicians and laws and all that.  I feel utterly betrayed by President Trump.  I voted for him because I believed he had my Republican best interests at heart.  I thought that he believed in Autonomy, freedom and rights.  But, wow, I guess I was wrong.  My own Governor, Asa Hutchinson-Arkansas, changed the age limit to 21 and raised taxes on Vaping products.  

I am so grateful to Vaping for saving my life!

Stephanie Pifer

ABHPAC 1st Vice Chair Active Member of: SWE-Society for Women Engineers CASAA-Consumer Advocates for Smoke Free Alternatives

First I live in MD right now it just standard 6% sales tax, but I hear that they are thinking of passing a 60% (yes sixty) sale tax (of course this was the rumor before the summer now I am hearing some rumbling that they might want to do a banning but I can not confirm this one way or the other)

As to how I started vaping.  Well for years I been a pipe and cigar smoker, but recently at work they went to what called "agile development methodology" (I am a software developer for the Social Security Administration.  And Agile is a very bad method for software development) and this started to cause MASSIVE amount of stress for me (to the point I almost envy the dead, the stress is just to much at times) so since you can not do a pipe or cigar break (those take about an hour to 2 to smoke) I picked up vaping as a way to get some nice nerve calming nicotine during the work day (run out side for 2 to 5 minutes, like all the lucky cigarette smokers.) I was not going to go to cigarettes as I did try them once did not like the taste of them.  I started vaping this time not to quit smoking but as a supplement to my smoking for some mid work day nicotine.  While I had tried vaping in the past (4 times) I never stayed up with it, as the brands I tried in the past were gas station ones and did not taste good.  While I did not intend to stop smoking that kind of happened because I enjoyed the taste of the real vapes this time (this the 5th time I went to a real vape shop) got a flavor that matched to what I like (Blue Raspberry Slushy) after I started with that flavor every time the time came to smoke my pipe I found I rather vape instead.  So now fast forward 7 to 8 months now I have not used any of my pipes since I started vaping Blue Raspberry Slushy (I have since found 2 other flavors I like) about a month ago I gave away my last Cuban cigar to a friend as I have no interest in smoking it.

Smoking cigarettes started around the age of 14, for me. I wasn't surrounded by smokers as a child and it wasn't something I gave much thought to until I was a teenager. But, being the young punk and skateboarder that I was, it seemed to come with the territory at the time. Before I knew it, I was regularly being offered cigarettes by friends. "Why not?" I thought.

Fast forward almost 12 years and a 1-2 pack a day habit. The summer of 2017 is the year I finally quit. Now I tried a few times before, but with no success (and honestly, not the right motivation either). My issue is that I had never wanted to quit before. It was always something I knew I should do, but never wanted to do. I had tried the gum & lozenges a few years prior to 2017. But I found that I would pop in a piece of Nicorette and immediately light up a smoke. Same for the lozenges. What was the point?

What changed in the summer of '17? My reason changed. And when I say "it changed," what I really mean is that it was the emotional equivalent of being hit my a train.

August 1st, 2017. It was a beautiful summer day here in NY. My girls (at the time who were 7 & 4) and I decided to play some games outside. Tag was always my little ones favorite. Well, we played. It didn't last long for me though. Usually after about 15 mins of me running around with them, I would need to catch my breath. But this particular time was different. As I sat down on our porch, gasping for air, I pulled out my cigarettes before even giving my lungs a chance. BAM! It hit me.

All I could picture was the oxygen tanks, wheelchairs and the concerned & disappointed faces of my children. I couldn't be that dad. I couldn't put my girls through that. 

Luckily, I remembered that we had a vape shop in town. I had never been in before, but back in 2011 I had tried a little e-cig from a gas station. While that little e-cig was terrible at the time, it did get me thinking.

"Have they gotten any better?"

That very afternoon I was walking out of the vape shop with a new set-up. Strawberry lemonade in 18mg. 

That was all it took. 6 days later I was done smoking and well on my way to a healthier set of lungs.

Now, those games of tag last a lot longer. 

And for my kids, hopefully I will too.

After Trump made his statement he would ban flavors on 9/11/19 I decided to open a Twitter account. I don’t use social media really, I have a Facebook that collects dust and that’s about it. I watch Grimm Green on YouTube and he has asked all his watchers to get on Twitter and make our voices heard for years now. Never thought I needed too, then vapegate happened. I’ve always followed advocacy but never joined in, but as an 8 year vape veteran I could not stand by. Now I consider myself an activist. I hopped on a plane to join the #WeVapeWeVote rally in D.C on Nov. 9th, went to my states HHS committee meeting in TX and testified while having an anxiety attack. It was terrifying. Listening to these reps it was easy to see they had a bias and agenda before going into the meeting. One of them even said before hearing testimony he knew vaping was bad and basically no one would be able to convince him otherwise.

Since then I’ve been calling, emailing and tweeting state/federal reps, even though they completely ignore you or treat you as a deplorable. That’s what I cant stand the most, we the people have been screaming for half a year about THC being the cause of outbreaks and flavors are what adults need to sustain being smoke free. We tell them, then they go and do whatever the hell they want! It’s infuriating and the opposite of freedom! Something else that makes me hurt inside, non-smokers/vapors getting involved AGAINST us not knowing what they do like the PAVE moms. OH, and MEDIA! Why they cant see how much damage their doing is beyond me.

I will continue the fight any way I can,  I feel it is my duty to do everything in my power to keep access for life saving vapor products alive. For the smoker who needs it to prolong his/her life. Including yours truly!

Hello, I'm 39 y.o disabled man and I've been smoking 37 years and I've tried to quit  through Chantix with no success.  I finally broke the habit by one of my coworkers  showing me an experimental video on YouTube showing the after effects of vaping vs. smoking. In addition to watching the video, I was introduced to the alternative, vaping. As I've mentioned before, I've tried to quit smoking through Chantix without any success, on the other hand,  I was able to quit smoking that same night, and ever since, I've been smoke-free,  thanks to vaping. Flavors saved my life. What I mean by that is, because of these e-liquids having flavors, it kept me from the harsh chemicals in tobacco cigarettes. My brand of smoking cigarettes was Newports. A single cigarette contains 13.4 milligrams of nicotine as opposed to one bottle of e-liquid containing 3 milligrams of nicotine. The E Liquids I can purchase at my local vape shop is anywhere from 0 to 6 mg of nicotine, but I go back and fourth from 3 down to 0  because I'm trying to quit nicotine all together. I read the articles in the papers about patients being hospitalized after vaping but every article I read is about young teenagers, which I question, if these teenagers are not of age to purchase Vapor products , where are they getting them from and what are they vaping? If vaping is so harmful to your health, then why am I not hospitalized or why wasn't I hospitalized? Ever since I first started vaping, I've never felt better I felt an immediate difference in my breathing and also the fact that I wake up in the morning not having to cough my lungs up before I get out of bed and also knowing the fact that I'm not inhaling or putting harsh chemicals into my body like formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic, along with other harsh cancer-causing chemicals like  Benzene, 2-naphthylamine, 4-aminobiphenyl, Chromium, Cadmium, Vinyl chloride, Ethylene oxide, Arsenic, Beryllium, Nickel, Polonium-210. I have done my research on the e-Liquids that I buy and they only have 5 ingredients as opposed to the countless harsh chemicals in cigarettes. The first ingredient in the eLiquid that I buy is vegetable glycerin which is clear and and is a syrup like consistency. The the second ingredient being propylene glycol and that is used in a lot of our everyday products. All of the articles I have a read that have someone being hospitalized for vaping is due to the drug THC, the juul products of which I DON'T AND WILL NOT USE . As I've mentioned before, most patients being hospitalized are teenagers. I would like to know, how they are getting the products if they aren't of the legal age to smoke or vape? vaping was designed to be a safer alternative to smoking. It was made to wean you off of cigarettes so you could finally quit smoking

Who in your district uses vapor nicotine products? I do. My wife does. Who in your district likes flavors in their "vape juice" like "Fruity Pebbles" or "Cherry Limade?" I do. My wife does. You the government may not like to hear this part but for 7 years, I have abstained from contributing to any state tax collected with the purchase of traditional tobacco cigarettes.

I know this is painful to hear, but it's the truth. I have not purchased cigarettes for 7 years since switching to vaping with e-cigarettes. I would like to thank this great country for allowing me the opportunity to do so. But now, among the fear mongering news reports, government statements and their knee jerking reactions, the ability to make adult choices are being ripped from me. I believe the issue is not by flavors marketed to minors, we already have laws that govern sales to underage person, but just like underage drinking, drug use, and gun violence, people will do what they want to do no matter the consequences.

The focus should be on removing cigarettes and alcohol from the store shelves as these two alone contribute more to deaths in the United States than vaping has or will. Since the government gets paid in the form of taxes on every drop of alcohol and every cigarette, we can just turn a blind eye since everyone gets a piece of the green pie.

Thank you for you time.

Your constituent...

I started vaping for the fact of difference in price from dipping, plus the different levels of nicotine was an attractive factor. I started at 18mg and went down to 6mg pretty quickly. It made me realize how much nicotine that my body actually wanted. I had gone back and forth from 12mg to 6mg for the past two years, due to certain flavors tasting well with higher nicotine levels.

I've been on Twitter since it has pretty much started, and wow, it has gotten bad over time. I've switched to help my vape fam to keep our flavors. Who wants just tobacco and menthol? Sure, it started out that way but flavors are what kept us going. Using Twitter as a platform to show people what is actually true about vaping has had me lose some friends, people that I've known for years that found me on Twitter and decided "wow, he's one of those people now."

The government has been putting their noses in a lot of things over the years and the taxes of nicotine products/tobacco products has just kept rising. When you tax something so much that it becomes unattainable, the government will begin to lose tax money. It truly surprises me that government officials are taxing the population out of hard earned money, but hey, if they want to lose that money then their loss of the next election.

In the southern state of VA, you'd think tobacco would still be praised as a true product of the south, but due to the northern part of the state the rest of the southern part has to suffer the age rise. I may have started dipping at a young age, but that doesn't mean I wasn't perfectly fine with the 18 age restriction. The rise of the age restriction has caused anyone from 18 to 20 to start buying from people that can actually purchase. I've known many people around the age of 19 that cannot buy any vape products or tobacco products. Two of those people are in the military and cannot purchase tobacco/nicotine product. They definitely aren't happy about that.

Vaping changed my life and the life of my father who was a 40 year smoker. The man can breathe better, he can go up a flight of stairs without stopping half way to breathe. I started to feel better with less nicotine in my system, and it felt freeing. With how much I dipped a day, I was probably dipping more than someone who had been dipping half their life. I wanted it all the time. I was bound by that feeling. Vaping has freed me from that.

I was a 35yr smoker and 8yrs ago my nephew brought me a 510 battery with an e-liquid cartomizer!  I literally stopped smoking that very day!   I started vaping 18mg and I now vape 3mg.

I smoked cigarettes for 42 years and had to stop. I was at work on February 9th, 2017 when suddenly my chest started hurting and I thought I was having a heart attack. I called my wife and told her to come and take me to the hospital. We got there around 9 AM and they ran tests all day. The doctor came in and told me that the result was I had a collapsed lung and that if I continue to smoke then I might not live another year. I had 4 cigarettes left in my pack, so I smoked those last 4 and quit smoking. The next morning I went to the vape shop when it opened and I bought my first setup. The first device I used was Joytech AIO pen. I've bought several different devices since, but in a years time my lung is back to full capacity. I no longer have shortness of breath while walking. I don't throw up mucus and blood each morning. I'm here to tell everyone that vaping does save lives people so please stop smoking cigarettes. If you need advice or want to get educated on the good and the bad about vaping look us up we are an awesome family and we are the WorldVapeCrew.

I was a 30 year +  2 pack a day smoker. In the summer of 2018 I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. One of the most common cancers caused by smoking. My brother in law was a vapor and had been trying to get me to switch to vaping for years. He gave me a bottle of e-liquid called brace face and a Smok baby beast set up. And I have not smoked another cigarette since. With my cancer diagnosis i had many chest x-rays and ct scans. They told me I also had COPD. Well with in a few day of vaping the COPD improved. Before vaping I would get up in the morning with the worst smokers cough and a constant catch of phlegm in my throat. Again with in a few days it was gone, not just better but gone. Vaping did not just help me stop smoking it literally helped save my life. I would never go back to smoking. I am very active in this fight for vaping. I want every smoker to have the same chance as I did to kick this deadly habit. I live in NY and it's not a matter of if it's a matter of when Cuomo will bring down the ban, so I learned to DIY and have enough nicotine base to last me 5 years. But it's people like my wife that I am worried about. As I have not been able to make a e-liquid she likes. So I got her 40 bottles of lava flow but that will not last more than a year and I fear she will go back to smoking. She says no but nicotine is a bitch.

I started smoking in the early 70’s. I tried and failed to quit many times, cold turkey, gum, patches and always failed miserably. I had triple heart bypass surgery, stint in my right leg and bypass in my left leg. I could feel my health rapidly declining. 3 years ago a friend let my try his vape and I knew immediately this might be my savior. Next day I purchased a mod and tank. My plan was to vape and smoke for a month then try to quit. After only 3 days I tossed the cigarettes and never looked back. My health improved immediately, my blood work improved dramatically and my breathing is much better. Vaping truly saved my life.

First of all … I DO NOT VAPE. Also, I’ve never smoked.

So … why am I writing to you? I’m hoping you’ll want to hear what I have to say.

I met my very best friend in the world over 15 years ago. I love her more than I could ever say. When I met her she had already been smoking for 10 years or more … so that means about 25 years.

I’ve never EVER judged her. I know she did not want to smoke … in fact, during the time I knew her she had tried on a few occasions to quit using patches, gum, etc… She never succeeded.

Then last January she decided to try a “myblu”. She went and bought her LAST carton of cigarettes and a myblu with some refills. Wouldn’t you know those were the last cigarettes she has ever smoked in the last 11 ½ months!

She quickly moved on to other pod systems and to open pod systems. She LOVED the flavors and that certainly has a huge impact on her being able to quit smoking.

My story?

Well, of course she started watching GrimmGreen. So *I* started watching. This was all about the time that the EVALI started hitting the media.

I had watched her no longer coughing when she woke in the mornings. I was no longer being bombarded by the horrible smell of cigarettes when I was in her car. There were no longer dirty ashtrays around. SHE smelled better … *I* smelled better.

We started going to the gym together. Nothing much … just an hour on the treadmills … but more than I could have ever imagined she would ever do!

She has apologized to me repeatedly now that she smells smoke/smokers as she passes by them. I always tell her the same thing … it was my choice to be around her and she has nothing to apologize for.

Anyway … back to where I was …

I’ve watched GrimmGreen since last summer. Vaping was the ONE thing which has helped my best friend live a healthier life. I wanted … NEEDED to learn everything I could.

And then … EVALI! I knew the truth. I knew it wasn’t nicotine vaping.

I’ve been so angry every since!

If only vaping had been around when my grandparents were alive. I would have had more time to spend with them … and my children would have had more time as well. Three out of the four of them died of cigarette related illness.

We have two vaping shops in the small “city” that I live in. I work with a girl who also worked at one of them. I talked to her everyday about every call to action. She never did anything. In fact I looked in the letters and petitions, etc. that so many vape shop owners signed … the one she worked for wasn’t listed on ANY of them … It made me even more pissed off! If she, as a vaper, and her employer as a store owner weren’t doing anything … what chance did anyone have?

The whole world of vaping was life changing to me! I couldn’t believe my friend finally was living that better life … and I couldn’t believe that so many people I worked with who also vaped seemed ignorant and unconcerned!

I’ve written to so many government officials … and maybe gotten a response from 5% of them – at best. Usually not even a form letter or canned response.

I’ve done my best on every social platform I’m a member of to advocate and dispel the lies that have been spread … but even my family doesn’t want to see through the misdirection, omission and untruths.

I get up everyday with renewed hope and energy to keep reading, keep writing, and keep trying to save what I can for those of you who vape. By the end of each day I am depressed and miserable. Sometimes I think the anger is the only thing which gives me strength to go on…

My friend and I made the eight hour drive to D.C. for the rally. No-one else in my community, that I know vape, could be convinced to go.

So we left at 2 a.m., stayed for the rally, and then made the long drive back home.

THIS was the most important day in my life! Standing with thousands of people who vape; thousands of people who have a chance to live a longer and healthier life for themselves. I will be 52 years old on January 29th, and out of all those years … Saturday, November 9th 2019 is the most important day in my entire life!

Everyday now, I wake up … I live in upstate New York and my worry that vaping’s days are numbered her continually grows. My friend and I have been looking at shops three hours a way in Pennsylvania, just in case we find we need to make bi-weekly or monthly runs for supplies.

Every single day at least one person asks me why I even care. Since I’ve never smoked and I’ve never vape … why do I bother?

The answer to that is because people I love are being saved by vaping products.

MY life has become better because of vaping.

I’ve had a twitter account for some time … but after the rally in D.C. I started becoming more active … to become more informed … and to spread more TRUE information myself. I have NEVER in my life felt more accepted and I have never cared for more people than I do now … now that I am part of the #vapefam.

I know that I don’t have the same political or religious beliefs as so many people … but I also know that we all want the same thing … the MOST important thing: To keep the choice. To have vaping available to every adult who wants it.

So why do I do what I do? Why do I try so hard? Why do I spend so much time and energy supporting and advocating and industry which really shouldn’t have any impact on me in any way? Because SOMEONE needs to! I’m tired of people spreading lies … I’m tired of people who just don’t care …

I don’t know if anything I do or say will actually do any good with any of this … but at least I know that I’ve tried …

No one truly sets out to become an addict of anything in life. For many of us however, myself included, we woke up one day to find that we were indeed nicotine addicts. For me, like so many countless others, I began my nicotine addiction young. Well below the legal purchasing age, and yet I found a way to get them, we all did. Through constant exposure at a young age, and the appeal to be cool, cigarette smoking became the thing to do. However no one ever mentions to the underage smoker just how difficult it will be once you are hooked and can’t just walk into the nearest gas station to buy another pack. The cravings become more than one can bare, you’ll resort to picking half smoked buds off the ground if need be.

The warning signs were always present, but I chose to ignore them. The bad breathe, the lack of money, and the constant cravings alone should deter most. Yet I smoked on. Even after seeing first hand, just how damaging the habit of long term smoking can be, when a loved one passes away from cancer. I smoked on. The need for nicotine, the act of inhalation and exhalation, the oral and tactical fixation is just too much to overcome. So again I continued to smoke on. 

Until that is, one morning, when I woke suddenly unable to breathe and coughing profusely. I quickly turned to my side and hacked onto the floor something that resembled a ping pong ball of black tar. I continued to cough until I completely lost the ability to breath. I will never forget that morning, I was 17. 

You see I had started smoking occasionally around the age of 12, but my addiction didn’t really begin ramping up until 15; when I became a half a pack smoker. By the age of 16 I was on to a pack and a half a day. I had made friends with some seniors early in high school, in order to make sure I could have a steady supply. If that were to fall through for some reason, there was an older coworker who would roll his own, and had no qualms about selling me a baggie of 40 for $20. All of this to say, I had found a way to make sure I could smoke as much as I wanted, whenever. 

There was however, one place my tobacco wealth wouldn’t matter at all. Inside the walls of my high school. Being an older school, the administration had long since caught on to the old “smoking in the boys room” craze and had locked all the windows. So quickly cracking one open in an unused bathroom during an assembly, was off the table, trust me I’ve tried. So this left me the option of, go mad all day waiting to get my fix, or, attempting to use something I kept hearing people mention. An e-cigarette. 

These were still early days in the vape world, 2009 to be exact. But what made it even worse was being in the midwest. As we all know, first, trends explode on the coasts, and then trickle their way inward. So to say the least my options were rather limited. But wait, of course there was the internet! Finding a way to get my hands on cigarettes wasn’t hard, why should purchasing an electronic version be any worse? I thought to myself. Being underage back then wasn’t much of a deterrent seeing as, many sites didn’t yet age verify. So I went online, purchased an ego twist kit, some 24mg tobacco e-liquid and waited.

Three weeks later a small box from New York arrived. I tore into it and quickly went on to Youtube to find a set-up tutorial. In the three weeks I had to wait, I decided to go out and get a Blu cigalike, just to get my feet wet. I found the flavor incredibly off putting, and the lack of throat-punch quite lacking. So needless to say I wasn’t exactly won over by my first vape experience. Cut to my freshly charged, newly filled ego twist. Wow, what a difference. The throat-punch was identical to my cigarette, the flavor was bold and rich, the draw flawless. I was astounded, the 15mL bottle I had purchased surely wouldn’t last long. 

Finally the moment of truth, using this contraption during the school day. Now anyone who has used an ego twist with 24mg e-liquid will tell you that your vapor production is close to none. Turned out that was perfect for my situation. I could quietly slip away to a bathroom stall, deeply inhale, and slowly exhale into my shirt or hoodie. The smell was close to nonexistent, and the little vapor there was, dissipated quickly. Success! I had found a way to continue my nicotine use throughout an eight hour school day. 

I continued to use my device off and on for many days, sometimes even choosing it over a cigarette occasionally. Until one day I ran out of my tobacco e-liquid. I had to order more and that would take up to two weeks, what else was I to do but go back to cigarettes. In the time I waited for my next order to arrive, I realized something very quickly, I didn’t really like the taste of my cigarette anymore. A few days later my order arrived, and how lucky, the shop tossed in a free 15mL bottle of a Red Bull flavor just for placing a second order. I quickly unscrewed my  tank and poured the e-liquid inside. With my first puff I knew, I could never go back to traditional cigarettes again. I had never tasted something so good, it was then that I knew my tobacco juice was forever obsolete. 

Flash forward a few months and I am now legally 18. But it wasn’t cigarettes I was happy about finally purchasing, it was vape products. I went into my local shop and left with a strawberry and cream, forever cementing my love affair with strawberry flavors. 

Flash forward again a few more months, and I am totally and completely off of tobacco. I entered the long dark tunnel of withdrawals and cravings, and came out the other side. No longer would I be exposed to over 4,000 toxic chemicals. Instead they were replaced with only 4 FDA approved ingredients. I could fully and confidently take a deep breath, food tasted better, smells were more distinct, and no longer did my girlfriend have to kiss an ashtray. My wallet thanked me as well, in my first year alone I saved well over $800. I quickly dove further into the vape community, hanging out at the shops, getting advice and trying new flavors. It wasn’t long until I purchased my first RDA, and box mod, there was no turning back.

I had managed to turn my addiction into a fun community driven hobby. I met so many wonderful people, traveling around to other shops. I truly fell in love with the habitat that is the vape shop. 

Flash forward six years later and here I am, no longer the 24mg nicotine addict I was. I have hovered around 3mg or 0 for many years now. I can still breath as deep as I could then if not better. I can go hours without needing a vape, and when I do, a few puffs will do. 

I turned my love of the vape shop into a job. I found a home at M of N Vapors in Wisconsin where I’ve been for almost three years. I love what I do, to me it is much less of a job and more of a calling. My story is like so many others, we became addicts before we realized what we had done. Thankfully I had the fortune of meeting some great people, in some great shops, that helped me on my journey. I am so thankful that I can be that person for all of our customers. I know that our industry is in a bad way right now, but if I’m sure of one thing in this world, it’s in the power of vaping! 

I’m 38 from New York. I smoked for 20 years, starting at 15 years old. I had tried many things to quit. Pills, patches, gums, even hypnosis. Nothing worked. In September of 2015, I was diagnosed with MS. As it progressed, when I would smoke a cigarette, my hands would contract. Now mind you, in the early stages of my MS, I lost the use of my hands. So to have the feeling finally come back and to have cigarettes hinder the progress I made, I wasn’t having that. I finally tried vaping, for a few months I was halve smoke, half vape. December 29, 2015 I finally quit smoking for good. All thanks to vaping.

I am a 52 yr old female who grew up in a smoking house hold, my parents, and some of my older siblings smoked all while I was still growing up. Even all of my grandparents smoked back then, it seemed like the thing adults do so needless to say as soon as I felt old enough I started sneaking cigarettes from my parents and started smoking at the ripe old age of 15. Back then, the high school I went to had a student smoking lounge. Out of a household of 6 kids and two parents everyone but my older sister smoked. That's what started my 35 yr smoking addiction. As unfortunate as I am to say I even smoked off and on during my first two pregnancies, luckily for me it didn't cause damage to those two children. I did stop smoking when I became pregnant with my third child even though my husband at that time wouldn't quit. It was a very hard and trying pregnancy with not smoking but also because I had gestational diabetes. I also didn't know until it was to late that I ended up with Toximia during that pregnancy.For those who don't know what toximia is, it's pre-eclampsia, which causes high blood pressure and a high amount of protein in the urine. This can be fatal to the mother and baby. That caused me to end up with full blown congestive heart failure two days after my baby was born. I was so close to dying that the hospital called my family to tell them I wouldn't make it through the night. Obviously I did make it but it was a very long road to recovery. I forgot to mention, I was only 29 yrs old at the time of heart failure. The doctors told me that I would never be able to work again and that I would have heart issues the rest of my life. I did recover to almost 99%, not quite 100% due to leaky valves but close enough I could lead a normal life. Well, guess what, life gets hard and stresses continue to build back up and I fell back into smoking after a year of being smoke free. I know, stupid me but what can I say, I am human. I thought that I stopped once before and I could do it again, someday, when I was ready. Someday just didn't happen, not for a long time but then I was diagnosed with diabetes, and then spinal issues, then asthma. One thing after another and the more I was diagnosed with the worse my stress got and so the more I would smoke. It was a vicious cycle. I have had three spinal surgeries, I am on several diabetes medications and pain medications and asthma medications and so on and on and on. Until a couple of years the doctors told me I had COPD and the starting of emphysema. I saw an aunt of mine die from severe emphysema and it wasn't something I will ever forget. I have had enough pain and discomfort from the medical issues I already have so I knew I had to change something so I bought one of those crappy cig alike vaping things from a gas station, it sucked and didn't help at all. I thought that maybe I just needed to try a different brand so I got a Vuse thing and again a BIG no. It didn't help at all. And then I saw some people where I was working going out on break and using these mad type vaping devices and started asking them questions. One question led to a bigger and more in-depth discussion and that made me decide to go and talk to someone at a vape store. I went in with the intention of finding something that tasted and satisfied me just as well as smoking. They got me set up with a cheap starter kit and menthol tobacco flavor juice. I really tried to like it but I just didn't like the flavor or the throat hit. It didn't feel or taste like my cigarettes did so I continued to smoke along with trying to get used to the vaping. After a while I would stop with the vape and just continue with the cigarettes.  I almost gave up trying at all to quit smoking but I ended up with pneumonia and had to be hospitalized. After I got out of the hospital I thought I would give vaping another shot but this time I got a better quality mod and a couple different flavored juices. I ended up trying several different juices and different wattages on my mod until one day it just felt right. I found the sweet spot, the flavor, the wattage and the right throat hit. I finally didn't feel the need to light up a cigarette as often, sometimes I would revert back to a cigarette but then those eventually didn't even taste right any more. Little by little I relied less on cigarettes and turned to my vape. I then started lowering my nicotine level and realized that I can go longer with out needing a hit off of it. I have been smoke free for almost 2.5 years now and my pulmonologist just did my yearly check up and says that my.lungs are good and clear with no signs of COPD or emphysema. I haven't needed my asthma inhaler for well over a year now. My oxygen level is at 99% which I think is amazing considering at the age of 29 the Dr told me I had the heart of an 80 yr old and that it was enlarged over 4 times it's normal size and that my lungs was completely filled with fluids due to the heart failure. So yes, vaping has saved my life and I will be forever grateful. 

Oh an by the way, my flavor of choice is vanilla/menthol. I am an adult and I quit smoking with the help of flavored vape. 

I smoked cigarettes for about 15 years. A pack a day of Pall Mall 100's. One day one of my coworkers at the casino was out in the break area and he was using a mod from Volcano e-cigarettes. I asked him if it was doing it for him and he told me as soon as he bought his he quit the stinkies straight away. I was a bit skeptical but he told me where he got his so I figured why not. My first mod was a Volcano lava tube 2.0 using a mix of pineapple and coconut ejuice at 18mg. That was 10 years ago. Thanks to flavors and vaping I'm so much healthier and I now vape at a 3mg. It's more of a hobby now where the people like you are some of the best people ever! I've gotten many people to quit by talking and educating them. I'll continue to fight for my right to vape until the bitter end of time if need be.

I’m Tyler; I’m 30; I’ve been an ex smoker for 3 years (5 or 7 January, 2017, I don’t remember the exact date.) Before that, I was a avid tobacco user; I had been since I tried my first cigarette at 9 or 10, and I used to sneak a few every couple of weeks here and there from either of my parents packs. It was a rough time in my life, and I’ll spare the boring details, where I moved 2600 miles away from everything I knew, to a strange place with strange people, famous for the 43rd President the US, but it had a profound impact on the person I became today. During this time, my dad had quit smoking, so it became harder to nick a cigarette. I thought I was done with it. 

Two years later, I was introduced to chewing tobacco. Junior High was a different world. I became active in sports, and I noticed all my friends/teammates had these little round canisters that they’d take something out of and then put in their mouths. I thought nothing of it; I was from New York, living in (and eventually adopting as my home state) Texas, and didn’t know what exactly it was. It smelled cool, but I thought it was some kind of Mexican food (I hadn’t developed a taste for Mexican Cuisine yet) and I was uninterested in it. It wasn’t until later in 8th grade I found out exactly what it was. 

When I got to 8th grade, I started hanging out with some of the High Schoolers. I knew several of them from church, and a few more from FCA, so that helped me make friends easier. I also worked out with a bunch of the freshmen the year before. It was here I finally figured out what was in those little cans they all had. Given my past experience with tobacco, I declined when I was offered a dip. Several times throughout the year, and the different sport seasons, I declined. Until the day I didn’t. 

We had just left a track meet; I was feeling pretty dejected, as I had been edged out of a third place finish in discus (the best I’d ever done,) by the last person to go. He literally beat me by three inches! On the bus I was sitting near the very back. My friend Josh, was in the very back seat, and another acquaintance, Russel, was two ahead of me. Josh taps me on the shoulder and says “Tough break Luyster, I though you had him beat.” Russel, short on brains, said “I bet I can beat you at anything, Luyster.” This gave Josh a wicked, malicious, idea. Josh, though my friend, had been one of those who’d offered me a dip earlier in the year. “I bet Luyster could dip longer than you Russel.” I was back into it. 

Fast forward to 2008: I’d made it through High School mostly not getting caught dipping. I had a few close calls, and did get caught twice. The school didn’t punish me. The principal knew better; he let my mother take care of it, which left me unable to sit

for a few days at a time. I had quit dipping by early 2008, mostly due to my work environment. You can’t do that in food service. Mid 2008 comes along. I moved (after being in the house I grew up in for 7 years,) changed jobs, and continued my college education. I also had a series of extremely bad days, including a drive off (gas was $4/gal at this time,) a write up, and a co-manager who ripped into me because I had threw her under the bus regarding the drive off. My stress level was through the roof; I started smoking again. I had just turned 19; I controlled my money. I still had to hide it from my parents, but it was easier now. 

December 2016: I wanted to quit, but had resigned to myself nothing would help. A bad break up earlier in the year had caused me to smoke more and more. I wasn’t dealing with it well. Over the years I stopped having to hide that I smoked, and people just excepted it. I was waking up every afternoon (third shift worker) hacking up black crud. I got winded running invoices up to Transportation from the warehouse shipping office. I’d tried NRTs before. The patch broke my skin out really bad; the gum and lozenges made me extremely nauseous. I saw what Chantix did to my mom (spoilers: she didn’t kill herself, but it definitely wasn’t pretty) and wanted nothing to do with that. 

I had a few workmates who vaped. Unfortunately, they weren’t the best at explaining how it worked, or why. This has piqued my curiosity, but it was just a passing interest. It wasn’t until I got a call from the transportation office one day, about two weeks before Christmas, that a passing interest turned into “man, this could work.” The Transportation supervisor had to go out on a rescue, and needed another person to drive the company vehicle back from the rescue spot back to the yard. As I was the only one available to do this, I volunteered. Dale, the transportation supervisor, unbeknownst to me, had made the switch to vaping several months ago. Once we got to the van, I asked Dale if it would be alright if I smoked (we had a stringent “No Smoking” policy, which no one adhered to. He was fine with it, as long as he could vape. 

We spent the two hour trip talking about vaping. Dale explained it to me in simple, easy for me to understand terms. Even let me take a hit of his mod (I choked and sputtered, haha.) I was interested. Dale did some research for me, figured out the best set up for what I wanted. He gave me a list of sites for ordering mods, coils, atomizers, and juice. I took the plunge shortly after Christmas and ordered a Smok OSUB 80, with a Brit Beast tank. 

January 2017: I received my juice on either the 3rd or the 5th. My mod came 2 days later. I was still smoking at this time. I remembered my times trying cigalikes; they were gross, and didn’t deliver the same sensation my Marlboro Southern Cuts or Camel Turkish Golds did, so I abandoned them rather quickly. I took Dale’s advice and had ordered a flavor other than tobacco. It was 12mg aDragon CranApple from Vaping Watch. For the first two days, I dual used, each time bumping the wattage on my mod up little by little. By the end of the second day, I still had a half pack of cigarettes, something that had never happened before. I was a pack and a half a day smoker; if I ran out, and was short on money, I’d forego eating to get cigarettes, or buy the cheap pipe tobacco cigars to get by. I remember sitting in my car that second day, looking at this mod, which was shaped like a cigarette pack, and my half pack of cigarettes... I’d done it. I’d quit. More by accident, because I didn’t think it was going to work, but here it was, working. I threw the half pack in my glove box, “If it doesn’t keep working, at least I still have my smokes...” I thought. That half pack of cigarettes sat in the glove box for three months, until I grabbed them, crushed them, and tossed them in the dumpster. 

I quickly moved to 6 mg of nicotine, because 12mg was too much. It served its purpose, though. It accidentally made me quit smoking. I stayed at 6mg until February of 2019, when I transitioned to 3 mg. The eventual plan is to eventually go to 0mg, but I’m in no rush right now. I have vaped several bottles of 0mg with no ill effects (other than I burn through them way quicker, haha,) so I doubt that transition will be any tougher than 6 to 3. We shall see. 

My name is Tyler. I’m 30, and have been an ex smoker for three years, after around 15 years of tobacco use. I, and many other like me, are proof that vaping saves lives, vaping helps smoker quit smoking, and that vapor products  are likely the most innovative invention of the 21st century. 

Hi, my name is Al, I am 51 years old, and I currently live in Wisconsin. I started vaping about 8 years ago after smoking for more than 20 years. I tried the various ways by BIG PHARMA to quit, but none of them worked for me. My mother died of lung cancer and my wife’s mother died of cancer too, so cancer is both a threat to our lives. I had s heart attack about 3 years ago and diagnosed with diabetes too, with no correlation to vaping, ( my mother had diabetes too, and she was never able to experience vaping), was because I smoked for so long. It was at that point I realized that I could have died if I continued to smoke. I am so grateful that vaping exists, for if not, I don’t know what might have happened to me. I have 4 kids and have been married 23 years. I started vaping with Blue Raspberry, and found other flavors like bomb pop very appealing too, especially because now I can’t have sugar because of the diabetes.  So, for me it is not only a matter of life and death, but also a source of being able to taste some of my “vice” flavors.I'm quite active in advocating for the vaping industry by attending rallies, calling many political sources, and calling the White House!

I started vaping a year and a half ago. It all started while fishing with my son who has been vaping since high school.  He asked me why I haven't tried vaping to quit smoking. I told him I enjoyed smoking. My son proceeded to tell me about all the flavors that was out there. So I decided to try vaping. I bought a Sourin air with some 12mg strawberry juice. After about 3 days I didn't pick up another cigarette. Now thanks to my son I feel better and can do more with out running out of breath.

I smoked cigarettes for 43 years and during the last 20 or so years I have tried quitting by cold turkey, hypnosis, patches, gums, and even Chantix. While on Chantix I experienced extreme irritability and night terrors as well as mood swings. I made it 4 months before my wife told me to go back to smoking or expect divorce papers.

In 2009 I purchased a cigalike starter kit online. It was very inefficient. It was so poor that I sent it back. I continued to smoke. In 2011, after researching and following forums I decided to give it another go. I bought an ecig kit that contained 2 batteries, atomizers, and cartridges. I dual used these and cigarettes for a few months. During this time I bought tobacco flavored juice from Johnson Creek and found out I couldn't stand the taste of it so I threw it away. I was a menthol smoker so I  got some menthol juice from Halo. Even though the menthol juice was good the ecig kit was a real pain to use. I kept trying.

In May of 2012 I quit smoking cigarettes by using program through my church. Their program involved removing all smoking related items from my apartment, including ashtrays, empty cig packs, and of course my ecig kit. My success was short lived. By early July I was still craving. I would hyperventilate several times a day and I was driving my wife nuts. She told me to go buy a pack of smokes. I went to a Rite Aid in my town to buy a pack an noticed a new kind of cigalike called Mistic. I bought a starter kit(menthol of course). I was amazed by the advancement of technology. It did the trick. I did not go back to smoking.

Somewhere along the way I discovered other flavors such as fruits and candy that I thought I wouldn't like but I did. That was the real breakthrough. I then started searching for online vendors that I could afford and found Fasttech and my journey was just beginning. I read in forums about mods and atomizers that enhance the flavor experience. I searched all the vaping product reviews for decent yet inexpensive clones of the best products that were touted on the forums and YouTube reviews, such as Grimm Green, Dimitri(The Vaping Greek), Phil Busardo, Vaping Indoors, and many others.

In the beginning buying eliquid was hit or miss. I started buying it from China because it was cheap and I realized that I could stretch it further by diluting with PG and VG cause some flavors were too strong. After awhile I found a few US companies that sold decent juice for decent price. Even mods and atomizers are affordable in the US now. I had become intrigued by the myriad of flavors out there and started to explore them. I am grateful for the availability of flavors to keep me smoke free. The threat of flavor bans scare me, not because it affects me, I can DIY, but it affects current smokers and vapers that don't have the wherewithal to DIY.

This story is not just for me, it's for my daughter, too.  I began vaping as a hobby because I thought coil building would be fun.  Had no intention of quitting smoking, but, vaping changed my mind.  Peach flavored juice was what changed the taste of cigarettes, causing me to quit.  My daughter began vaping just over a year after I did and quit almost immediately with Grimmgreen's Bro Trip juice.  Vaping, and flavors, NEED to be saved!  It is VITAL smoker's have a successful option the government doesn't have its dirty paws in.

Started vaping three years ago with cannoli and cookie crunch at 18mg now down to 6mg peanut butter and jealous. 53 yr old mother, grandma, great grandma and wanted to be around to see them grow up and have had my health improve dramatically giving me the energy to keep up with the kids and enjoy family outings as well the kids say i smell wonderful.

I am 39 years old and a father of 7 kids. I started vaping 6 years ago when I got a Vuse coupon in the mail. The coupon was for a free device and a pack of free cartridges. So one day after work I stopped to buy cigarettes and decided to use my coupon. I never bought a pack of cigarettes again.

About a month after I got the Vuse I switched to a Kangertech SubBox kit. You know the kit everyone had one back then.

   Six years without smoking and I feel better than ever. I never get sick. I was a 2 pack a day smoker and got bronchitis at least twice a year. Going from that to nothing is amazing but that’s not the only change. I can smell and taste better than ever. I can play with my kids without taking a smoke break every 15 min to catch my breath. There is no doubt in my mind that making the switch to vaping has improved my life and the lives of my kids.

In May 2011, my mom (my bio mom) & I treated ourselves to a Mother-Daughter photo session. We reunited in ‘97 and it was a wonderful & healing event for myself, my son (8 at that time) & her immediate family. I had been long estranged from all but 1 of the family I was adopted into as an infant.

The photographer was using a cig-alike. I hadn't heard about e-cigarettes before and became excited. My own health is beset by multiple chronic issues including critical heart defects corrected in ‘02, HepC contracted in the 80’s, mood disorders since childhood, and obesity- & borderline diabetes. I didn’t want to stop nicotine because it helps with my moods, snacking, contemplation. I am also prone to sinus issues not from allergies.

After the photo shoot was over, I went to the C-Store she bought hers from. I tried tobacco, vanilla, & clove flavors. It was crappy & the tobacco flavor was awful. Even worse than the cheap cigarettes sold at one of the nearby casinos.

I have a strong sense of curiosity & happily take deep dives on a diverse range of subjects. I prefer to make decisions, take positions based on my own experience, my intuition, my own bullshit detector.

I dove right in researching. What is the medical information, who are the entities involved with e-cigarettes, follow the money, and questions like that.

I was old enough to know I can get overly enthusiastic about a “eureka moment” and would dive in, digest, ask more questions.

I was struck by the dissonance between what kind of results studies published v. a few professional med & users saw. Considering fad supplement/diet scams & such, I reserved skepticism in weighing this.

DIYers were doing their homework, sharing best practices & 101 type info on electronics, the components, the e-liquid mixed in with hype. It didn’t take too long to be able to distinguish since I have no problem with long reads, looking up terms & references.

I also had the patience to look at a person’s posts over time to decide whether they knew what they were talking about.

At that time, refillable tank systems were coming on the market. Did my research, got an eGO pen & BAM. Stopped smoking for good right then.

Used (still do) online ordering or go a long way out of county to a brick & mortar that was carrying any vaping products. C-Stores only carried cig-alikes. I still prefer mail order to going to the 2 shops in my county because of limited offerings, the “bro-ham” vibe, the selling of weed & tobacco sold there. As a middle aged female who was not a MILF, I didn’t feel comfortable at all.

Affordability and ease of access is KEY to helping those who will benefit the most from switching to vaping from committed adult smoking.

The effect: The usual improvements in health from quitting combustibles right away.

Within 6 months, I was off bupropion (Wellbutrin xr for depression) which was giving me much distress from side effects.

My Blood sugar issues backed off. No longer borderline, vaping flavors instead of snacking which also cut down on starches, fat, and overall calories. Not much weight loss, but not much gain, either.

Not only was I saving a lot of $ compared to smoking a pack a day, but no more burn holes in clothes, furniture, no problems vaping with a cat in my lap, no more stink, and my partner (never smoker) was delighted to smell cookies & such.

My immediate family was (& is even now) skeptical about the benefits, which is an in-my-face about the corrosives of “Public Health” misinformation that has become even more strident. My own GP who is also the MD Director of the clinic I currently go to is dismissive of any NRT. He is a former smoker who confessed to me about his abuse of patches & thus his dislike for nicotine.

(Yes, I’ve supplied him with vetted studies, docs, my own health improvements over the years!)

I am very proud to say I’ve been a member of CASAA since 2012.

To address the lack of advocacy by stores & vendors, I experimented with live video broadcasting- even did a show for a time myself. Due to the demographics skewed to shows w/bros, escalating in give-aways and fetish chat over mods & e-liquid, I was dissatisfied. Too much bragging & not enough advocacy for my taste. I did develop some online relationships with advocates that I still have today.

2013, I stepped up my advocacy to include the uncomfortable trek to the State Capital to speak at hearings though 2015.

I went to 3 cons during this period and had to stop because of my health & the decided uptick in bro & hard sell. During this time SFATA came on the scene & I sat in on the first mtg. At least I got to know more about who was actually substantially supporting advocacy & the industry.

The best one I attended for vibe & including a prominent advocacy role was in Reno set up by Grimm Green in Reno. The ECC: Those chucking e-liquid into mobs was too much for me. Dealing with my chronic issues took a toll on my pocket book, too. I was so far away from other advocates as well.

After 2016 and the lack of support in California (we were already a T21 State) & prominent Dems parroting ANTZ & creating more obstacles for adult access to vaping, I burned out. What could a poor, disabled woman do besides be a keyboard warrior when I couldn’t even get a real conversation going within my own county entities?

I had approached 3 of the clinics. I had approached AA, I am ever dismayed by the number of folks on oxygen who still smoke & do not know about this product. We have had deadly fires from their smoking while using tank oxygen. We also began having back-to-back firestorms since then.

There was also a huge uptick of awful professional “research” papers churning out. Experiments, thought studies, and downright misinformation bolstering debunked myths & misuse of devices to generate scary conclusions. It hasn’t slowed. The grants funding this continue to this day. Unconscionable. Fight back the FUD w/out the same level of access to funding has only grown. Special thank you to those have been dedicated and never gave up all these years.

The following is my opinion as a person who has used an ENDS product (vaping) as a way to quit smoking combustible cigarettes. I do not work in nor do I receive any compensation from the vape industry. I am a consumer who chooses a less harmful option with the intention to eventually quit.

Also I am in no way affiliated with anything to do with any health or related industry. I am a

Professional Land Surveyor (PLS).

I first tried vaping back in 2009 using what is termed a cig-a-like style with tobacco flavors. I

continued smoking and eventually went back to combustible cigarettes exclusively. Periodically I would try again with mostly tobacco flavors and cig-a-likes to quit combustible cigarettes. During this period of time I also tried nicotine patches, gum, lozenges, and even Chantix with absolutely no success, but I did get adverse side effects from Chantix. Success did not occur until 2017, when I went into a vape shop and I got set up with a sub-ohm open system. I started by using an apple flavor named green blast at 6 mg/ml nicotine. Less than a week vaping and I had accidentally quit smoking combustible cigarettes after 25+ years of 1 to 1 1⁄2 packs per day. I now vape mostly fruit flavors and currently use 3 mg/ml nicotine. I intend to continue reducing my nicotine levels until I am at 0 mg/ml. Personally, I will most likely continue vaping flavored e-liquid at 0 mg/ml nicotine to eliminate relapse potential due to the physical aspect of a long term smoking addiction. These are extremely low levels of nicotine for the average cigarette smoker to completely quit a combustible cigarette habit. Obviously for certain people like me the flavors are the most important aspect of switching to a less harmful nicotine delivery system. Since I have been cigarette free for 2+ years my health has drastically improved! It is a harm reduction product designed by consumers for adults who currently smoke cigarettes and would like to choose a less

harmful substitute to eventually end a nicotine habit.

I am a homeschooling mother who vapes. I smoked my first cigarette before I turned 10, and continued to smoke for over 30 years. Nearly everyone in my family also smoked. During those 3 decades I attempted to quit smoking many times with every available product including Wellbutrin. In 2010 I had some success with a cig-a-like and some tobacco blend flavors, however I soon returned to exclusively smoking. In August of 2017 my son who was 25 at the time, convinced me to try quitting again using an open system. I got a small sub-ohm open system and started experimenting with different flavors at 6mg nicotine. On 9/30/2017 I smoked my last cigarette. Strawberry milkshake e-liquid had been my weakness! I really didn’t believe it would work and had no intention of ever being free of cigarettes, but luckily I was wrong! I currently use 3mg nicotine e-liquid in many different flavors and devices. My lungs feel better now than I can ever remember, and I no longer get bronchitis or walking pneumonia multiple times a year. Best of all, I am no longer exposing my youngest daughter (still living at home) and pets to second and third hand smoke! 

Bridget King

I quit smoking cigarettes over 7 years ago with vaping. It literally took one day for me to easily make the transition with Cherry flavored e-liquid. Three days later, I felt the best I had in over 20 years of smoking two packs of cigarettes a day. 

I was also mad that I had been robbed of great health for all those years. Hindsight is always 20/20, but as a teenager I had no idea what I was getting myself into with poisonous cigarettes.

Over the course of happily vaping for years, I have become more physically active resulting in the loss of 40 extra pounds of weight. I’ve also gained muscle in the process. Something, I would have never accomplished with the extra 20 pounds of cigarette smoke sitting in my lungs.

In high school, one of my teachers died half way through the school year due to lung cancer from smoking. Not a word was said to the kids warning them of the dangers. I was friends with my teachers teenager so I knew what happened, but the school wanted to keep it a secret. Ironically, It was the same year I started smoking. No anti cigarette posters around the school, just anti-dip posters.

Now vaping is being blasted as a killer, but cigarettes are still o.k. It doesn’t take a genius to see the corruption behind it all. Drinking anti-freeze is ok, but don’t drink’s killing everybody.

In my experience, the only thing killing people between the two is…cigarettes! I’ve never felt better, I can taste again, I don’t stink, I can’t burn anything down by accident (like my friend who fell asleep with a lit cigarette and burned down his house killing his dog). 

I don’t hack up a lung every morning or sound like someones old cigarette smoking grandma. I got my youthful voice back! I can sing. I can run again, like when I was a kid and I’m 45 years old! I’m more motivated, I rarely get sick. I was constantly sick on cigarettes. My car windshield no longer has a nicotine tar residue on the inside.

This witch-hunt is saturated in political MSA greed money. I get it. The states are accustomed to the money which they spend on things they want and not tobacco reduction campaigns.

This still doesn’t make it right to persecute the real health advocates of our day. Vapers are health advocates by nature. That’s why we quit smoking and why we spread the word. Why we warn the public of dangerous products like black market THC cartridges when public officials refuse to.

We are not bots, but real people trying to make a positive change in the world. #WeVapeWeVote

This is just a small portion of the millions of people who have successfully quit smoking cigarettes using flavored nicotine e-liquid. We want to be smoke free. We want to be healthier. We want to be better.

With the ability to adjust nicotine levels, flavors, wattage and more, this is a feasible option for those who are trying to quit smoking cigarettes or quit traditional tobacco products.

We are running out of options. We don't want to see a black market open up. We don't want to see more people have lung injuries and die. We don't want to see people get hurt. This is a community of people who want to help others quit smoking. We know that these injuries are from Vitamin E Acetate in illegal THC cartridges. We don't want to see people get hurt making their own e-liquids. We don't want to see people die because the government decided to ban a product that has been around for over 10 years.

Dear U.S. Government,

Please do better. For the sake of your citizens who are trying to have a healthier lifestyle.


13,000,000+ United States citizens who use flavored nicotine e-liquid products

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