How Vape Shops are Surviving COVID-19 Business Closure

As more and more cases are confirmed, plenty of states have requested for all non-life sustaining businesses to close their physical locations. Some states have gone as far as putting a "stay at home" order in place, meaning citizens can only travel for essential situations, such as working at a place of business considered essential or going to the grocery store.

These closures are putting small businesses, including vape shops, at risk of closing permanently, as there is no income being made.

Vape shop owners and employees are becoming more innovative in ensuring that customers can still receive products, such as e-liquids, coils, devices and more.

Working in a shop, I can tell you just a few things that we've done to help our customers.

1. Local delivery. Currently, we are offering local delivery to customers that live within 5 miles of the store. We have the opportunity to do "contactless" delivery, meaning that we just leave the product at their doorstep. If we are unsure who the person is, we will request for valid government identification upon arrival.

2. Shipping. If you are outside of that 5 mile radius, we will ship products to your house! We ask that customers send their name, address, email address, phone number, photo of valid government identification and the products they'd like to order.

We do not have a website, so all orders are going via email. Although this is a longer process, this gives us the best ability to ensure we are getting the correct product(s) to our customers. They have the opportunity to send us photos of their products, as they may not be 100% sure on what they are ordering.

Something that we aren't doing, but I know a lot of shops are, is curbside delivery. Orders can be placed via phone call, and brought out to the customers' vehicle when they arrive.

Our states unfortunately do not recognize vape shops as essential, but to our customers, we know we are essential.

Let's keep serving our customers, ensuring that they do not return to cigarettes, and keep on fighting for our rights to vape.

Take care of yourselves everyone! Make sure to be washing your hands and only going out when necessary!

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