International Vape Day....May 10th!

As people all around the world celebrate 4/20, it's come to my attention that we don't have a International Vape let's make it!

International Vape Day is May 10th, also known as 5/10. This date is chosen for 510 threaded batteries, something that has been a staple for millions of vapers around the world. Whether it was your first device, something you use for high nicotine, or something used for CBD/THC cartridges, 510 batteries are always there for us.

So what can you do to celebrate 5/10?

1. Post photos on social media of your set up(s)! Discuss what you have, why you chose these products, what you like about these products, and maybe even a shout out to the shop/website you purchased the products on!

2. Share your story on social media. Talk about your experience with vaping. Talk about why you started vaping. Talk about the pros and cons you've had with vaping. Talk about the health benefits you've had with vaping. Talk about your story!

3. Contact your state representatives!



State Governor:

Tell them your story. Tell them about how you disagree with the PMTA. Tell them how the vapor industry impacts the economy in a positive way. Tell them that you vape and you vote!

4. Support your local vape shop! A lot of vape shops are struggling right now due to COVID-19. Look up a couple of shops that you like, see if they are offering shipping, local delivery or curbside pickup! Whether you buy a pack of coils or a bottle of e-liquid, anything helps keep local businesses afloat!

5. Sign up for CASAA updates! Check out for a free sign up and get updates on the local, state and federal level when it comes to vapor products!

When May 10th comes around, let's share some hashtags too on social media! Use the following hashtags so that others see your post!

1. #510day

2. #InternationalVapeDay

3. #WeVapeWeVote

4. #VapingSAVESLives

5. #YesIVape

6. #510batteries

7. #IntVapeDay510

8. #May10

9. #VapeFam510

10. #FlavorsSaveLives

I hope to see a bunch of your photos and stories about your journey with vaping! Let's celebrate 5/10 together as a vape family virtually!

Keep calm and vape on!


Questions? Comments? Let me know!


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