Let's Talk about Truth Initiative and their Antics

A "viral" video has been going around from NowThis about how Truth Initiative created a campaign called "This is Quitting."

This video has minors throwing their devices, especially JUULs into water and even goes as far as sodium acetate! Lithium-ion batteries are NOT meant to be submerged into any sort of liquid, but here we are.

Let's talk the truth about Truth Initiative.

"Truth Initiative® is America’s largest nonprofit public health organization committed to making tobacco use a thing of the past. We investigate, expose and amplify the truth about tobacco through groundbreaking research and policy studies, our award-winning truth® campaign, community activism and engagement, and innovation to end tobacco use."

This is directly on their "Who We Are" page. Link is here: https://truthinitiative.org/who-we-are

Let's talk some real truth though.

Truth Initiative has a text line. If you text "DITCHVAPE" to 887-09, you can receive "support" in quitting vaping. I decided to text it to see how this all worked.

So, TIQ (This is Quitting) is an automated text line. Let's go through the series of questions it asks its users.

1. Reply w/ ur name & age to get started.

2. Text the date you want to quit (MM/DD/YYYY)

3. Which device do you use? A= JUUL, B= VUSE, C=Suorin, D=OTHER

4. What have you vaped in the past 30 days? A= Nicotine only, B= Marijuana only, C= Both, D= Not sure

5. Would you be willing to chat with the TIQ team a bit about your experiences vaping and/or quitting?

6. How confident do you feel about quitting?

These six questions are asked IMMEDIATELY.

Then, you can text "COPE, SLIP or STRESS" to receive instant boosts on quitting vaping.

Let's read a few of those.

SLIP: "You have to think about your future not your past of vaping, think about what's right for you."

COPE: "Sometimes you might feel the need to hit a juul. But remember that you don't need too. Stay strong beautiful."

STRESS: "Everyday gets easier and easier. I took a hit every 20 seconds and it was 50mg. If I can do it, you can."

STRESS: If you ever want nicotine just think how much healthier and happier you will be once you stop."

COPE: "Keep going."

SLIP: "Practice makes progress! This is a process, and you're still learning what the right way is for YOU to quit."

STRESS: "Tell your friends that you are quitting!!! Trust me, they want this for you, and having accountability partners is KEY in kicking your addiction."

COPE: "Breathe deeply through a straw. Keep one in your car, purse, pocket or backpack."

COPE: "Chew gum or suck on lollipop and keep your mind busy with various fun activities."

COPE: "Find new outlets. Please use a support system. Oh, and flavored toothpicks all day long."

That's where I stopped. Why?

They literally tell people to use flavored toothpicks to quit using flavored nicotine e-liquid. Are you serious here? They WANT people to use FLAVORED products to quit FLAVORED products.

They say that flavors don't matter, adults don't like flavor, etc. yet they are promoting flavored toothpicks! Flavors DO matter.

The Truth Initiative doesn't care about your well-being either. They are telling people to put their lithium-ion batteries into liquid. The most common thing I've seen is minors putting their JUULs into water.

Water is insanely corrosive with lithium-ion batteries and can cause the battery to overheat, ignite, rupture or leak. They are leaking battery acid. Battery acid can cause severe chemical burns to skin.

Let the truth be told, Truth Initiative is just anti-vaping because vaping helps people quit smoking cigarettes successfully, and therefore Truth Initiative loses donations to their non-profit organization.

There ya have it, the real truth about Truth Initiative. They don't care, they just want your money.

*Disclaimer: these are the opinions of Mik and Yes, I Vape.

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