New York Banned Vapor Products

Yes, you read that correctly. The state of New York is banning flavored nicotine e-liquids.

Governor Andrew Cuomo passed a fiscal budget for 2021, which includes a "comprehensive tobacco control policy."

Effective July 1st, 2020, the following will go into effect:

1. Prohibit sales of tobacco products (including e-cigarettes and vapor products) from pharmacies.

2. Requires manufacturers of vapor products to disclose ingredients, by-products and contaminants, whether intentional or unintentional.

3. Bans carrier oils if considered harmful.

4. Bans coupons for tobacco products (including vapor products)

5. Online sales of vapor products banned

Other things he put into this were:

1. Prohibits sale or distribution of e-cigarettes or vapor products that have characterizing flavors unless approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) via the pre market tobacco application (PMTA).

2. Restricts delivery of vapor products to New York State-licensed vapor retailers.

3. Restricts public display of tobacco products (including vapor products) near schools.

4. Increase penalties for illegally selling tobacco products (including vapor products) to minors.

These go into effect 45 days after the Governor signs the bill.

There were no public debates for this bill. This bill will put 4,600 people out of jobs, on top of the stress of COVID-19.

Mind you, New York has received $16,423,856,153 from the Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) which is given by tobacco companies. On average, 70 people a day die from combustible tobacco products in New York. Over a year, 25,500 people die due to combustible tobacco in New York alone. This is 18% of the 480,000 who die a year in the United States.

Your voices need to be heard. We need YOU to help our community.

Here is some contact information for you to follow up with if you are in New York:



Tweet them. Email them. Call them. Let them know that you use flavored nicotine e-liquids and will not return to cigarettes. Here is a little speech you can use if you'd like:

"Hello, my name is ________________. I smoked (insert cigarette brand) for (insert amount of time). I smoked (insert amount per day). I switched to flavored nicotine e-liquids (insert how long ago) and I have successfully quit smoking cigarettes. I started vaping using (insert brand name/flavor/nicotine level) and now use (insert brand(s)/flavor/nicotine level). I have notice a significant improvement in my health. Banning flavored nicotine e-liquids will cost lives. Approximately 70 people a day die in New York due to combustible cigarettes. 25,500 people a year die in New York because of combustible cigarettes. 4,600 jobs will be lost. Hundreds of small businesses will close their doors. I urge you to fight for your citizens who have quit smoking cigarettes successfully because of flavored nicotine e-liquids. Governor Cuomo has put thousands of people at risk because of his "comprehensive tobacco policies," when in fact, he is harming his citizens who cannot get vapor products, but can go to any grocery store or gas station and buy combustible tobacco. Remember, we vape and we vote. We are closely watching what your decisions are when it comes to our health, and right now, we are not pleased with the decisions of New York. Thank you for your time."

Keep fighting New York. We are here for you.

Be safe, be healthy!


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