PMTAs are due September 9th 2020. We need your support, NOW!

The PMTAs, or Pre-Market Tobacco Applications are due on September 9th, 2020. This is our last shot at making something happen.


Here is an e-mail template for you to use.

Good afternoon,

The pre-market tobacco application was created to ensure that tobacco products would be released after various types of testing, including tests for risks and illnesses. The Food and Drug Administration defines tobacco as: Any tobacco product, excluding any component or part of a tobacco product that is not made or derived from tobacco.

E-liquids are not derived from tobacco. Nicotine, while it can be extracted from tobacco, is usually synthetically made. The other components of e-liquid are not derived from tobacco. E-liquid is created with USP vegetable glycerin, USP propylene glycol, artificial and natural flavoring and nicotine if you choose to use nicotine.

Although the Food and Drug Administration has lumped vapor products under the umbrella term "tobacco," we understand as an industry that there does need to be a certain requirement for the safety of consumers.

The "grouped" PMTA would allow for small businesses to continue to thrive without the price tag of PMTA. Once everything is calculated, a business would have to spend nearly $1,000,000 to submit products without the "grouped" PMTA.

No small business can afford that. Many small businesses have shut their doors for various reasons, from Pennsylvania's 40% wholesale tax, to states banning flavored e-liquids, to worries about PMTA and the next steps.

Reassurance that small businesses that create flavored nicotine e-liquids will thrive is necessary.

I am an ex-smoker. I smoked (insert brand of cigarettes) for (insert amount of time here). I successfully quit smoking cigarettes by transitioning to vapor products. I haven't smoked a cigarette for (insert amount of time here). I quit smoking cigarettes using (insert flavor here) with (insert nicotine level here). I now use (insert flavor here) with (insert nicotine level here). My family and friends are grateful for vapor products, and my body thanks me for quitting smoking. I now can (insert activities here). Had I not switched to vaping, I don't think I would ever have stopped my cigarette habit. I am grateful for the vape shops near me that are run by my neighbors. I've met incredible individuals, intelligent business owners, and have made a support system through these shops.

I ask you to consider "grouped" PMTA so that myself and 13,000,000+ other people can continue to get off of cigarettes, stay away from cigarettes, adjust our nicotine amounts and enjoy our flavored nicotine e-liquids that create an incentive to quit smoking."

We need our voices to be heard.

There is a rally happening on September 5th 2020 in Washington D.C. If you are able to attend, please do! Keep in mind social distancing and wearing a mask!

We are almost out of time. This is the last push to save vapor products as we know them.

Save small businesses. Save your health. Save vapor products.

Until next time.


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